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Free as a Bird Financial Wellness

This is a 4- 6 month program. 2-3 sessions per month.

Average client takes 12-16 sessions to complete depending on depth of financial situation, time availability and motivation.

You will get out of this program what you put into it. 

The financial wellness program is a process where the coach will guide, motivate, and assist the client in transforming their money lives from one of stress, frustration, and confusion to one of clarity, simplicity and intentionality. People who aren’t in control of their money come to accept negative feelings such as stress, anxiety, and frustration around money as conventional and unavoidable, This doesn’t have to be so. This program covers your values, thoughts, feelings, habits and beliefs regarding money, examines your spending patterns and tendencies, and together we create a budget/spending plan after thorough review of your priorities and lifestyle. In addition a debt payoff schedule, annual spending plan, and saving plans that are in alignment with your goals will be produced during this time. Finally we will discuss your retirement and run some scenarios before sending you in the direction of an investor, if you are ready for that step.

Are you ready to face your beliefs about money and take control of your financial health? Click here to set up your COMPLIMENTARY consult! 

"If you want something you've never had, you must be willing to do something you've never done."

Thomas Jefferson

Life Alignment Coaching


Specializing in self-care, simple, and intentional living. The focus is on prioritizing you! The vessel of your life! Whether you're feeling stuck, burdened, unmotivated, overwhelmed or paralyzed, tuning into your life can tremendously help. We have come to accept a lifestyle that is so chaotic with overscheduled, over-committed and overflowing lives that it's easy to get lost and wonder how you ever got there. These sessions examine your priorities, current situation and goals and will jump start your journey to living the simple, intentional life and finding your authentic self. This is the process from surviving to THRIVING. Let's take the necessary time to work through your history, habits, priorities, systems and vision to create a sacred space, self-care ritual, and a plan for your authentic self to flourish.


Are you ready to align you life with what you really value? Click here to set up COMPLIMENTARY consult!